AvantGuard operator deters burglar

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

JACKSON, Miss.—An AvantGuard operator’s actions may have deterred a burglar in this city from inflicting further damage on a property and making off with valuables, according to a news release from the Ogden, Utah-based monitoring company.

According to the release, police theorized that a woman’s house was visited by burglar, who smashed one of her windows with a brick. The burglar was in the process of bending the iron bars around the window when he heard an alarm operator’s voice from the alarm system speaker, asking him to identify himself, which may have driven him away from the property.

A neighboring witness said she also heard the voice from the speaker and assumed someone had been home and was able to deter the burglar.

Though a window was broken, no possessions were stolen from the house, the release noted.