Residents warned of security scam

Friday, July 18, 2014

CLIFTON, N.J.—Police this week were warning residents to beware of scammers posing as security company employees to gain access to their homes, according to the Clifton Journal.

In a July 17 report, the journal reported that detective Sgt. Robert Bracken of the Clifton Police Department said that a man pretending to be with the "Honeywell Security Alarm" company knocked on the door of a local home, and told residents he needed to get into their house to look at the alarm keypad.

The residents, who do not have a Honeywell alarm, told the man to leave, but he insisted he be allowed into the home, Bracken told the journal. The residents were suspicious of the man even though he wore a T-shirt with the word Honeywell on it, and wouldn’t let him in, the journal reported. The man left, but came back a few days later demanding again to be let in, the journal said. After he left, residents called police.

Bracken said Honeywell representatives confirmed when contacted that none of their representatives go door to door.

“This appears to be a scam where entry into the home is sought and while one suspect distracts the homeowner, another comes into the home and burglarizes it,” Bracken told the journal.

The journal said police have issued similar warnings about suspects posing as utility company workers.