Arcules rolls out new cloud video platform

Company CEO: Google Next chosen as launch venue for specific reasons
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO—Arcules, a video cloud IoT as a service provider, on July 23 announced the new Arcules Intelligent Video Cloud platform at Google Cloud Next, held here July 24-26.

“What often happens with a traditional physical security on-prem [solution] is that a lot of data is captured and never really used, both video data or other types of device data,” Andreas Pettersson, CEO of Arcules, told Security Systems News. Arcules aggregates all of the data into a cloud solution and bringing in AI, ML and other technologies, he said, to provide intelligent insights from that data.

“If you only are using one source [for] what is going on in a scene, you don’t get it to become very intelligent, but if you’re using multiple sources and you cross-reference these results, you get a very accurate result,” Pettersson said. 

Launching at Google Next, as opposed to a more traditional physical security event was intentional, according to Pettersson. “We want to, of course, reach a new target audience, people that are ‘cloud-first’ in their mindset. And then, of course, we also want to have an opportunity to speak with future … developers that will be building on our sort of open cloud platform, where we have aggregated all of this data.”

Arcules is already seeing excitement for its platform, Pettersson said, including companies that are shifting their mindset from predominantly on premise to desiring more of a cloud-based environment.

“We are launching in North America now, and we’re actually onboarding customers as we speak. With that, we are in the enterprise segment,” Kelly Kucera, head of commercial and marketing for Arcules, told SSN. “We will be launching globally and those details will be coming … more toward Q3 and Q4, where we’ll publicly disclose those.”

Key applications for the platform include smart cities, commercial real estate and hospitality industries. “The typical use cases are organizations that have a lot of smaller sites,” Pettersson said, such as a hotel or retail chain with hundreds or thousands of sites, and a collection of cameras per site.

Arcules is looking for more integration partners, Pettersson mentioned, such as devices that provide a less intrusive way of detecting individuals with guns. “We have very smart data scientist teams and data managers and engineers, but we really need the partnerships as well.”

Arcules, a Canon Group company, launched in August 2017 with a “handful of former Milestone employees,” Pettersson said, and is now approaching 70 total employees.