Connected Like, totally

Honeywell Security adds video to Total Connect, gives dealers new online training and management offering
Thursday, May 1, 2008

LAS VEGAS-The video component of its Total Connect product is now available for commercial and residential customers, Honeywell announced at ISC West.
First introduced at ISC East this fall, Total Connect is a service that allows customers to receive alerts and a keep an eye on their homes and/or businesses using the Internet, PDA and cell phones. They are also able to control their security systems remotely using a Web browser, compatible PDA or Web-enabled cell phone. With video now integrated into the product, customers can literally keep an eye on their home or business and receive video notification of pre-programmed events.
Honeywell is positioning this product as a great way for dealers to increase RMR, particularly with customers who use only cell phones or are VoIP connected.
Also at the show, Honeywell was showcasing its Total Connect Dealer Toolkit, a slick compilation of online resources including online training, downloadable videos, customer testimonials, images and a refresher course in GSM.
Honeywell's online training, called Discover eLearning, offers online training for dealers and their technical and sales employees for Total Connect and a host of other Honeywell services.
"It's a platform for the dealers to inform, train and sell," said Ralph Maniscalco, director of marketing communications for security and custom electronics. "It's not telling them about a product or a widget, it's telling them how to sell. It's something our dealers have been asking for."
George Janelis, director, program marketing, called this training program "an industry first because it's sales trainnig . it gives them the words to use when they sell."
"It's also a management tool," Janelis said, because employees take the online course, and then a follow-up test and test results are emailed to their manager.
"Already 300 dealers are using Discover eLearning to help manage their business," Janelis said. The training program has courses for sales and technical staff for residential and commercial applications. SSN