Intellikey's name change to ADAXCO signals repositioning in marketplace

SSN Staff  - 
Monday, July 1, 2002

PRINCETON, N.J.-Electronic lock, key and access control manufacturer Intellikey Corp. has changed its name to ADAXCO Ltd. as the company looks to reposition itself in the market.

The name change to ADAXCO, which is a play on the words advanced access control, is part of an overall restructuring of the company to build on its current computerized physical access control systems and broaden its product line, according to Martin Schneider, group chief executive officer of ADAXCO.

"One of the greatest areas of technological growth and a major factor behind the re-branding of the company is the remarkable growth of proximity systems and biometrics," said Schneider.

"These technologies will open up tremendous opportunities for ADAXCO, so we are repositioning the company now, including the recently completed relocation of our North American office to New Jersey and our UK office to Milton Keynes, to take advantage of the great opportunities this will offer to the security industry," he said.

While the company's name has changed, ADAXCO will continue to use the Intellikey name to identify its flagship brand.