Ortega sets the stage for rapid expansion

The software company is also seeking additional OEM relationships with manufacturers
Monday, July 1, 2002

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-Ortega InfoSystems Inc., a company that makes software enabling disparate security systems to work together, has been quietly building up steam since coming into the U.S. security market a year and a half ago.

With a sales office in Boston that opened earlier this year and plans to add other locations in Chicago, Houston and Atlanta later this year, the software maker is now setting the stage to increase the number of systems integrators and manufacturers that use its product.

"Our goal is to become like the Microsoft of integration where product coming directly from manufacturers will already have our integration nodes built right in them," said Wayne Sand, vice president of sales for Ortega. "It will make it easier for the systems integrator with an out of the box solution for the customer."

In the short time since Ortega entered this market, the company has already built a reputation among systems integrators as a problem solver when it comes to making different security systems, such as a digital video recorder and access control system from different manufacturers work together.

Ortega's product, [email protected], when "used by the end-user can link thousands of locations with different subsystems and make it look seamlessly like one application," said Harold Etterman, chief operating officer of Ortega.

Besides working directly with systems integrators, the company has also been establishing relationships with a number of manufacturers behind the scenes that company officials currently cannot discuss. Officials hope to build more relationships like those with three or four more major agreements expected by the end of the year.

"The thrust is really two prong," said Sand. "Enable the systems integrator to build a custom looking platform or provide the interface direct from the factory. It dovetails nicely."

Besides making a push in the U.S. market, the company is also being brought into the European security market, said Etterman. "The big systems integrators are pulling us there," he said. "We're being pulled into different places by our product and it's indicating this is a worldwide application."

The market for a product like Ortega's, he estimates,  is exponential. "We think the market today is $3 to $5 billion, just in integration," he said. "We believe there's a huge market."