Retailer taps integrator for IP security job

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

FAIRVIEW, N.J. - An IP-based security project with a retailer in New York and the metropolitan area could turn into a significant amount of business for systems integrator Nortronics Corp., if the retailer decides to deploy what is now a pilot project to its more than 200 area stores.

The project involves integrating a network surveillance system with other building management tools, such as lighting control and temperature monitoring, to enable the customer to view the information remotely, either on a computer or PDA. The name of the retailer participating in the pilot program was not released.

“It’s an overall building control system,” said Maria Gonzalez, vice president of Nortronics. “Eventually, this retailer wants all of its stores controlled by a system like this.”

The system is based on Nortronics’ NetImage XSO platform, which enables cameras, communications and access devices, building systems, and sensors to be networked and remotely controlled and monitored.

Though the cameras and software being used are off the shelf, what is unique is how Nortronics configured the system, according to Gonzalez.

The pilot project began in December and was expected to last several months. Already, Gonzalez said the customer has benefited from the IT-platform approach.

“There was an incident in the store, shoplifting, and the manager was able to retrieve the video right away,” she said, thanks to the new surveillance system.

If the retailer decides to install the system in its stores, it will consist of more than 4,000 cameras and devices.