SecurityNet times two

Thursday, January 1, 2004

SAN JOSE, Calif. - SecurityNet, an organization of 16 independent systems integrators, spent a year searching for a way to expand its service to national customers beyond the 51 cities it collectively serves.

This past fall, the group found its solution and will partner with other systems integrators to serve second-tier markets, such as Jackson, Miss. In a few short months, it had already identified 50 integrators to work with.

“All of our members already had contacts in second-tier cities that they had traditionally used,” said Jim Coleman, president of SecurityNet and systems integration firm Operational Security Systems. “So we already had a pretty good list to start with and have gone to manufacturers of access control and asked who they feel are their strongest folks and contacted them.”

While the 50 independent companies SecurityNet will work with are not members of the organization and do not need to make a financial investment in the group, they do need to make an investment in terms of product certification, said Brad Wilson, owner of RFI Communications and Security, a SecurityNet member.

Their affiliation could lead SecurityNet to identify future members of the organization, said Ron Waxman, vice president of SecurityNet and vice chairman and chief operating officer of Frisco Bay.