Situational awareness in airport video surveillance

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

With perimeters, parking structures, terminals, aprons, airfields, shops and restaurants, airports are complex environments with each airport zone facing its own particular set of surveillance challenges. Solutions need to be tailored to a multitude of security risks, including bomb threats, sabotage and hijacking of aircraft, as well as commercial risks such as theft, vandalism and harassment. Airport surveillance must also be configured to ensure that operations are being monitored both inside as well as outside the building and ensure the safe flow of passengers throughout, in all environmental and lighting conditions.

Constant monitoring of large indoor areas

Every airport has large open areas such as check-in, luggage drop-off, security check and border control. Here, crowds of people enter, queue and leave, so it is important to monitor their flow and constantly check the overall situation. In such environments, Bosch panoramic cameras with 180° and 360° lenses can offer full situational awareness without any blind spots.

Bosch also offers 4K ultra HD cameras with the highest resolution, which provides a detailed overview of a large area or monitor a large crowd. Combining high quality resolution with the ability to set certain areas of interest, it is possible to focus attention on one, or several regions, whilst maintaining the complete overview. Such functions are essential for identification purposes and to ensure that suspicious individuals can be tracked in a crowd. When combined with a telephoto lens, Bosch 4K ultra HD cameras enable person identification at 130m and detection at 1300m. Ultra HD also ensures the most effective retrospective analysis, in the event of a security incident.

Airport retail settings

Video analytics at the edge provides benefits for both indoor and external airport applications.

For airport retail settings, shops and restaurants see huge volumes of people pass through their doors. This invariably comes with a higher risk of theft and security issues. Bosch Essential Video Analytics delivers 15 video analytics algorithms that can be used for intrusion detection or to help to identify thieves. It can also be used to detect suspicious behaviour on the shop floor.

In addition to surveillance, Essential Video Analytics can also provide several important business analytics benefits in such settings. One such example is a combination of crowd density and movement information for the optimization of shop layout. In other applications, the combination of people counting and objects in field information can prove useful for the analysis of in-store promotions.

Extreme external environments

Environmental conditions pose some of the greatest challenges for airport surveillance. One of these is varying light conditions and while some changes are predictable (day/night), others such as the headlights of a passing car or just scattered clouds are not. Bosch network cameras with built-in video analytics can detect changing lighting conditions and adapt settings in real time. Network cameras with Intelligent Video Analytics (e.g. DINION IP starlight 8000 MP) from Bosch are specifically tailored to provide reliable (minimum false alarms) video analytics under most adverse circumstances. These cameras can easily detect the difference between rain or snow and an object of interest and thus greatly reduce the number of false alarms triggered by the environment.

Finally, cameras also need to be robust enough to also withstand some of the harshest conditions and to continue to provide high quality images regardless of sub-zero temperatures, severe storms or extreme heat. With this in mind the Bosch MIC IP camera family is specifically tailored to provide round the clock video analytics under the most adverse circumstances, including -40 ̊C to +60 ̊C temperatures, severe winds (209 km/hour sustained) and 100% humidity (IP68 / NEMA 6P).