Software firm aims to bridge gap

Security One spinoff offers SI’s database management tool
Sunday, February 1, 2004

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—Two years after developing software in-house to manage its business from a single database, systems integrator Security One Systems has spun its software out into its own company to offer the service to other security firms.

Called BlueBridge Systems, the software development company offers an Enterprise Application Service enabling companies to manage every aspect of their business, from sales and proposals to service calls and billing, from a single system.

“Most companies in the country right now probably use Microsoft Excel to develop a proposal and they cut and paste information,” said Bob Newman, the former president of Security One who left that post to become president of BlueBridge Systems. “That opens the door for errors.”

This inclusive system, he said, can increase efficiency company-wide.

Newman and business partner Jim Pasquarello, chief executive officer of BlueBridge Systems, embarked on creating the software to enable all of its offices to operate off the same system.

“The challenge for Security One was that we had a separate database for accounting, a separate database for sales, a separate database for proposals, a separate database for service, and installation and so on,” said Newman.

Unable to find a company that could develop this business operation software for them, Newman and Pasquarello hired a person to come in-house. Two years ago, the system went live.

“We’re more accurate on proposals, so our margins have increased,” he said.

The system also enables technicians to carry wireless PDAs that provide them with remote access to customer records and provide up-to-the minute updates on the status of a service call.

“In the past customers would sign a service ticket that had to be imported in the database,” said Newman. “Now it’s more like a UPS tablet.”

Newman plans to formally launch BlueBridge at the upcoming ISC West show in Las Vegas at the end of March. But already the company has signed on three systems integration companies who plan to use the Enterprise Application Service to manage their business.

Within a year, Newman expects BlueBridge will serve 20 alarm companies, mostly larger dealers and systems integrators. The cost for using BlueBridge’s Enterprise Application Service is a monthly user fee with the amount charged each month based on software licensing fees.