Architects getting phased out by security

Obviously, I follow the publishing industry almost as closely as I follow the security industry (it'd be nice if my industry didn't completely disappear while I'm trying to cover another one), and the news in publishing is pretty bad right now. There's another paper or magazine closing every day, seemingly. However, Architectural Openings Journal closed not because the business model is crap, but because the market is disappearing. Why?
"That whole industry is being absorbed: half by the construction and half by the security industry."
Whereas the architect used to decide what the door opening would be, now it's the security guy and the construction guy. I often hear about manufacturers talking directly to the A&E community, and integrators often gripe about having to deal with A&Es show design without knowing how the products they specify will actually work, but maybe the A&E's influence is waning. Another good sign for the security industry, I'd say. I was totally surprised to see the cover of the magazine on the page I linked to above. For architects to be getting a cover story on biometric access control - just didn't realize their jobs went there. But I guess they don't anymore.