First end to end Cisco solution in a casino?

Hey, everyone, I'm back. I know how sorely you've missed me over these holiday weeks (as if any of you have been at your desks either - jeez, the industry's been a ghost town while I've been gone). Anyway, I've been pounding the WWW looking for news and ran across this blog run by Data Systems Worldwide, a California company that's a Cisco silver-certified outfit doing everything from IT infrastructure to security. Like most blogs in the security industry, it doesn't contain a lot of posts, but check out the bit from October, which I hadn't seen before: First Casino in the World to Feature End to End Cisco Solution. What's that mean? Well, it's got "Cisco Physical Security, Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Ethernet Slot Network featuring VSS, Cisco Wireless, and Cisco Security all under one roof!!!!" Clearly, it must be a big deal if it requires four exclamation points to tell you about it. It's just more proof that no matter how mediocre some might find Cisco's physical security products, Cisco simply has some hyper loyalists that are going to tack those products on to what they already offer and not really think twice about it. Why is it so good to be end-to-end Cisco? Does Cisco really make the best product in all of those categories? I have no idea. But that shows you the power of a brand. It's kind of like when I walk into the Brooks Brothers outlet here in Maine (everything in the store is 50 percent off, people - we're talking $125 suits) and grab socks, pants, boxers, shirts, and ties. Does Brooks Brothers really have the best boxers? Probably not. But it sure is easy to buy everything in one place. Yes, standards are great for offering people the ability to put best-of-breed components in for every part of the system. But do people really want to put best-of-breed components in for every part of the system, or do they just want one reliable manufacturer with a solid brand that can solve all of their problems? In this case, it looks like the latter. You can watch a video about the installation here, but leave yourself time for it to load or you'll get frustrated with the latency. Oh, and did I mention I'm looking for stories about commercial integrators? If you've got anything, send it my way. Happy New Year!