Hello from ISC West

So this is my first ISC West show, and I have to say, I'm a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of it. I'm very much looking forward to visiting booths and interviewing Jim McMullen from C.O.P.S., Mitch Clarke from Monitronics, Ed Bonifas from the CSAA, and MJ Vance from CenterPoint Technologies. It promises to be a good show. I arrived early today (Tuesday), having left my Monday open so I could pay a visit to Viewpoint CRM down in Lowell, Mass. I met with Viewpoint CRM CEO Brad Gordon, and VP channel sales and marketing, Mike Hanlon. Nice couple of guys with one heck of an operation (stay tuned for more on that.) I've already partaken of one of the convention's many, many educational pieces, attending a talk given by Honeywell's John Smith on expanding the role of the central station through offering managed services, specifically access control. I've seen lots of really neat booths coming together, with lots of lights and dazzle, and a few SUVs, one of which was a giant, mobile surveillance solution, one of which is sitting pretty and yellow at the Spy Place's booth. You'll remember my cohort Martha blogged about them last week. Can't wait to stop by booth 5047. See you all on the floor.