How Fido can earn his keep

Those Israeli's, they continue to make interesting contributions to the security world. According to this article, an Israeli company called Bio-Sense has developed a mathematical algorithm that can decipher between a dog's emergency there's-an-intruder-at-the-door bark and the routine let-me-out-I-need-to-go bark. The company is developing a dog collar for the consumer market which, when activated by the emergency bark, will send an alert to the homeowner or security company. There were no details about alert specifics and I imagine the probability for false alarms would be fairly high since, for example, my neighbor's dog seems to give that emergency warning bark every time someone walks by the building, but, the concept is fairly creative and I like the idea of Rex being more than just a physical threat and actually part of security. So, you think your little yippy dog can't hold his own as a guard dog? Well, Bio-Sense says it can work with any dog. "No matter a dog's breed, age or size, company executives say, the system can be trained to recognize the unique characteristics of the animal's emergency bark. So, there you go, finally Fido can earn those expensive doggie treats. But, if you're looking for a "real" guard dog, check out Titan in Martha's blog - Now that's the real deal.