Securing New Ground releases impressive lineup

I got the Securing New Ground hype pamphlent in the mail the other day and I just want to highlight a couple points of interest (though we are not a sponsoring publication - goodness I'm magnanimous). Anyway, I thought last year's conference was solid, and though there are some repeat faces and topics this year, there are also some new faces worth noting. First, keynoter Julie Donahue is certainly of interest. As VP of the Global Technology Services Group for IBM, she's in charge of the big S3 push and all of IBM's security efforts. When I spoke with her at ISC West, she felt IBM's analytics were head and shoulders above the competition's. I'm also interested in hearing Robert Farenhem as part of the "Reinventing the Dealer" panel. He, along with his Royal Palm Capital colleague Rick Rochon, replaced Steve Ruzika, who was much praised by industry types, at Devcon. Finally, John Carter, head of Carter Bros., who bought Edwards Service from GE last year, seems to be getting the attention he deserves. He'll be on a panel with UTC's Antonio Cintra and Nortel's John Sheridan, two big players. Okay, the conference will cost ya $1,395, even with the early bird special, and you'll be ponying up big dollars to stay in Manhattan, but if you're looking for chairmen, presidents, and the like, Securing New Ground ain't bad for rubbing elbows.