Who's in Control?

So I was just checking out this company, uControl, who just released a touchscreen control panel that can either works as its own wireless alarm system or with an existing installed alarm system. Frankly, I don't know that much about this company yet (interviews are pending), but I was struck by an eerie similarity to the company, iControl, who is also developing a similar touchscreen alarm system and I guess the similarity in name is fairly obvious. Despite the uncanny similarities, the touchscreen panels seem pretty cool and innovative. I had a chance to try out iControl's panel at ISC West and it was definitely snazzy, yet intuitive. You could do the typical alarm things like arm/disarm as well as view video cameras from the panel. It also had some "fun" features like rotating pictures, and Internet access for checking sports scores, stock numbers, weather and traffic updates. It also had the home automation element which included controlling lights, temperature and such. And even though the company names may be confusingly similar, these companies are making security cool.