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Keltron’s Ethernet Signaling System

This UL 864, 9th-edition-listed-system enables dispatchers at campuses, multi-building facilities and municipalities to monitor fire alarms using existing Ethernet communications infrastructure. It meets the requirements of NFPA 72 for remote, central station and proprietary supervising station systems.

Bosch’s Dinion 2X Day/Night fixed

The Dinion 2X Day/Night fixed camera from Bosch features an innovative 2X digital signal processor (DSP), supplying twice the power of conventional cameras. Combining 2X DSP with wide dynamic range sensors results in 20-bit image processing, a first in the CCTV industry. Producing a 50% improvement in detail reproduction and 30% better image quality, this technology delivers crisp, clear video even in difficult lighting, revealing more than is visible with the human eye alone.


ASIS Booth No. 2331

Morse Watchmans’ SmartKey Locker System

Morse Watchmans SmartKey Locker Systems are the solution for controlling and securing larger objects such as laptops, cash trays, weapons, cell phones and more. With advanced Key-Pro software, users can track items, view reports on their use and receive email alerts if an item is not returned on time. The new “4 x 12 x 7” lockers, and laptop sized lockers, can also accommodate many other large objects. The Illuminated SmartKey slots easily identify the locker to be accessed.


Booth No. 15126

Honeywell Power Products’ HPFF8 Fire Alarm Power Supply

Honeywell Power Products’ HPFF8 (FireForce 8) power supply is designed to expand fire alarm NACs (notification appliance circuit) and provide auxiliary power to 24-Volt system accessories. The HPFF8 supply can operate as a standalone or be activated by any 12- or 24-Volt fire alarm control panel. This UL/ANSI 864 9th Edition power supply’s exclusive EOL (end-of-line) resistor replacement feature and NAC trouble memory are unique technologies new to the marketplace.
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VES Fire Detection’s eVIEW Serial Annunciator

The eView model VF1172 annunciator is compact, backlit for easy reading and mimics the eLan fire alarm panel.  Add up to 15 additional eViews to the eLan fire alarm system, it provides complete system status and control.  The eView is a rugged metal serial annunciator that can be mounted in a lobby or hallway. It displays systems point information including devise type, zone, independent point alarm, trouble or supervisory status. It is UL 864 9th edition listed, and is power by 24V DC.   


Intransa’s Smart CCTV DVR Upgrades

Intransa Smart CCTV DVR Upgrades extend the life of video surveillance systems and cut costs.  Leverage existing DVRs, cameras and cabling plus get the benefits of IP.  Cut the cost of surveillance by 50 percent to 75 percent, while retaining more video at maximum resolution and frame rate, while eliminating the risk and liability of lost recordings!  Sets up in just minutes with the Video Storage Administrator toolkit and eliminates retraining.  Solutions start at under $5,000 for multiple DVRs/cameras.

Camden Door Controls’ Line of Electric Doors

Camden has announced a new line of precision-engineered electric door strikes. The product launch includes a complete line of UL1034 listed and BHMA Grade 1, 2 and 3 strikes designed to meet the requirements of any application. Models include fail-safe/fail-secure/dual operation, 12/24V AC/DC operation, with five face plate options as well as fire rated and universal mounting. 


ISC West Booth No. 15135   

Black & Decker’s Residential Access Control Products

Black & Decker is the leader in the residential hardware industry, marketing under the brands of Baldwin and Kwikset and is developing powerful solutions in residential access control that unlocks the possibilities in security hardware with a whole new level of functionality. Interoperability with Security Systems:-Locks Doors When System is Armed-Disarms Security System When Door is Unlocked-Communicate Door Lock Status   


ISC West Booth No. 2086

Avigilon’s Control Center Software

Avigilon will showcase the latest version of its award winning high definition network video management software with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) that delivers full situational awareness and detail, leading to faster response times, reduced investigation times, and superior overall protection. Avigilon Control Center 4.0 supports third party IP cameras, making ACC 4.0 a truly open enterprise class network video management software platform.  Other features include audio recording, advanced data management features, and improvement event bookmarking and management features.

SAMSUNG | GVI’s SHR-8000 Series DVRs

This is as fast as it gets! NEW SAMSUNG Electronics’ SHR-8000 series DVRs are designed to achieve real time Full D1 resolution @ 480IPS high quality recording for any demanding security application. Combined with Net-I, the free and user-friendly client software, the DVR series is a very attractive, lower cost alternative to a PC based DVR. Other outstanding features include: Built in DVD-RW option, 500GB SATA HDD standard with the maximum of 6X 1TB HDD capacity, web based monitoring & search, simultaneous BNC output, VGA/ BNC output and HDMI.