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BIRIS II is our new infrared barrier designed for optimal perimeter protection of industrial or private sites. This second-generation of quad beams unit was designed to be installed indoors (warehouses, cash desks of supermarkets) or outdoors (logistic sites, top of walls...).For a more efficient protection, BIRIS II feature unique functionalities such as integrated alignment tools, and/or configuration, alignment feed back, selectable channels and new aesthetically-conscious design. The range stretches from 50m to 100, 200m.   

DoorKing’s Model 1812 Plus Access Control

DoorKing’s new 1812 Access Plus is a unique access control system that controls two access points and provides communication to a home or apartment using existing telephone lines.  This hybrid system is PC programmable and IP addressable and is expandable to control up to 8 access points with card readers or keypads using RS-485 communication. The system includes a built-in clock/calendar and can be programmed with up to four different hold open time zones.   


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Sequel’s ST8 with Ethernet Module

With five patents pending, the ST8 is a full-featured hybrid security system.  Equipped with the Ethernet Interface Module (EIM), it establishes itself on any network with a unique IP address allowing an easy interface with other IP-based systems.  As an example, the EIM integrates any Sequel security system with any Crestron 2-Series control system at a native level.  The EIM directly serves up web pages for user control and can emails to 4 different addresses.   


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Silent Knight’s IFP-2000

The all new IFP-2000 is the most advanced fire alarm solution ever offered by Silent Knight and the first ever with scalable, network capability. The intelligent, analog addressable IFP-2000 can be networked as multiple panels for one large building or for multiple, independent facilities. It is ideal for both new construction and retrofits, and is specifically engineered for growing facilities and campus applications. The IFP-2000 comes with Silent Knight simplicity and dependability, built right in.


Camden Door Controls’ Line of Electric Door Strikes

Camden introduces a new line of precision-engineered electric door strikes. The introduction includes a complete line of UL1034 listed and BHMA Grade 1, 2 and 3 strikes designed to meet the requirements of any application.


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VIDEX’s CyberLock WebStation

Videx announces WebStation, a new communication device for the CyberLock Electronic Lock System. The WebStation is used to pass information between the system‚’s access management software and electronic keys from a remote location. CyberLock brings electronic access and key control to existing mechanical locks without hardwiring. CyberLocks cannot be picked and the electronic keys cannot be duplicated. The locks and keys audit openings and unauthorized entry attempts. Keys can be programmed with individual access privileges.

IQinVision’s IQeye Event Recording Systems

The IQeye Event Recording System (ERS) is a self-contained, Power-over-Ethernet high-definition megapixel network recorder that uses NO BANDWDITH to record crisp, clear video ‚Äì perfect for installations where network bandwidth is a premium. It includes IQinVision‚’s simple and intuitive browser-based IQrecorder‚Ñ¢ II on-camera recording and playback software and on-camera solid state storage that is tough, reliable and can record more than 20,000 events (based on 10 images/event). IQeye ERS is available in both an indoor and outdoor model.

Kaba Access Control’s E-Plex 5700/5800 Series with LearnLok Feature

Kaba E-Plex 5700/5800 with LearnLok provides card access without wires, software, or computers. Cards are easily enrolled at the door in “LearnLok” mode. This is the perfect solution for simple card access installations, or to add additional doors to an existing system at less cost. The LearnLok feature is available to read various card technologies including 125 kHz prox, FIPS 201 credentials, and DESFire cards. This functionality is available in various locking configurations including cylindrical, mortise, exit trim, controller, narrow stile, and many more.

Aiphone’s JK Series PTZ Video Intercom

Aiphone is excited to release the new JK series, a Pan Tilt Zoom, hands-free color video intercom system. The JK series 170-degree camera offers nearly twice the viewing width as conventional video intercoms. Even better - the JK’s fish-eye camera lens is digitally processed so the monitor displays distortion free video. The JK series allows users to stay safely behind a locked door while visually and audibly verifying the identity of anyone with missing credentials.
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System Sensor’s CO1224T Carbon Monoxide Detector with RealTest

The CO1224T CO Detector provides RealTest technology, a field functional test for a CO detector’s gas sensing cell. This makes the CO1224T compliant with NFPA 720-2009’s requirement to provide a field functional test by 2012. The detector also includes a six-year end-of-life timer, low current draw, and 12/24 VDC operation. And even when residents cannot respond to its temp-4 alarm, this system-connected device guarantees protection via 24/7 central station monitoring.
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