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Ionit’s ionitEMS Enterprise Management Software

Ionit Enterprise Management Software Gives You Complete Control of Your Universe. Demonstrating continued leadership in advanced compression technology, Ionit launches its Enterprise Management Software (EMS) at ISC West 2009.

Transtector Systems’ DPR Series

Transtector announces the launch of the versatile DPR Series designed to support multiprotocol, in field configuration surge protection in a single rack unit. This 16 module chassis offers a scalable solution designed to support installation from one communications line to multiples. Individual modules are provided with a DIN rail clip that can be connected to a ground. Each protection module is designed to GR-1089-2006 standards and optimized to provide maximum frame transmission.   


STOPware’s PassagePoint Global v10

STOPware PassagePoint Global v10 enterprise-level visitor management software offers centralized control over large integrated systems, with integrated security, communications, badging, multi-language support, and advanced reporting. Visitor management can be implemented globally or locally, with the ability to customize screens and lists. PassagePoint Global v10 also offers integration with IT infrastructure plus the capability to create a directory of hosts and link to active directory to leverage Single Sign-on capabilities.

Pixim’s Orca-E digital imager

Pixim whose Digital Pixel System technology revolutionizes how security cameras capture and process images, announces a new member of its popular Orca‚Ñ¢ chipset family. The Orca-E digital imager significantly improves low-light performance, retaining superb Orca image quality and color fidelity, even in variable and high-contrast lighting conditions.  The enhanced Orca-E sensor design and new exposure modes yield a dramatic 16dB (2.5 f-stops) of additional sensitivity while maintaining pin compatibility with earlier Orca chipsets.

Optellios’ Hardened Multi-Zone Intrusion Detection System

Optellios, Inc., announced today that it will be launching a new family of FiberPatrol intrusion detection systems featuring modular, environmentally hardened 4-zone alarm processors. The new processing units will work with the company’s proven fiber optic multi-zone sensors that require no field power and can include unlimited spare communication fibers. An innovative system design will feature unprecedented four intrusion zones per standalone processor, enabling intelligent on-board cross-sensor correlation for superior nuisance alarm rejection.

Digital Identification Solutions EDIsecure LCP 9000 Desktop Laser Color

This unique desktop solution is ideal for secure corporate and government applications as it integrates high quality retransfer color printing, laser engraving, smart card encoding, and custom lamination on a single card in a single process. The modular LCP 9000 system allows for the combination of a variety of security features, such as micro text, CLI/MLI, tactile laser effects, high-resolution gradient UV, electronic guilloche, and digital watermarks, making forgery all but impossible.


Videolarm’s PA40 Lowering Arm

Maintenance at 85 Feet To help ease maintenance and promote safety and cost savings, the patent pending PA40 Lowering Arm enables cameras installed at heights up to 85 feet to be serviced without lift trucks. The system is factory-wired and incorporates an augmented cabling system which prevents long cable runs and wire entanglements. Constructed of an aluminum alloy body and stainless steel junction box.


ISC West Booth No. 39000

Fire-Lite Alarms’ IPDACT-2UD

The new IPDACT-2UD FireWatch Series IP Communicator from Fire-Lite Alarms is the industry’s only fire alarm IP communications module with upload/download capabilities. Faster, more economical and reliable fire alarm communications with central stations can be accomplished over the internet using the IPDACT-2UD. Moreover, this module gives installers the ability to upload and download system information from any remote, Internet-connected PC. Programming updates, system history and virtual maintenance checks can now be performed anywhere and anytime.

PPM 2000’s Perspective Version 2.0

Introducing Perspective Version 2.0’s Incident Reporting & Investigation Management Software. With Perspective, organizations benefit from a single enterprise platform to capture and report data relative to incidents, investigations and cases. Users can intelligently action and query their data for trending, risk mitigation and planned activities. Then, with the ability to assess what is happening, they can make informed decisions that optimize performance and illustrate the effectiveness of their security operation.

OnSSI’s Ocularis

Ocularis, OnSSI’s intelligent IP video surveillance management platform, represents a quantum leap in video detection, analysis, delivery, and response. Ocularis’ non-proprietary, open architecture solution enables integration of comprehensive physical security and video analytic functionality. Fewer operators effectively monitor hundreds and thousands of cameras in control room and desktop environments, substantially reducing operating costs.