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Napco Security Group announces Starlink

The Starlink from Napco Security Group is a wireless backup system. The unit reports alarm conditions to central stations over a nationwide digital network. The unit is compatible with control panels and supports central station formats. Starlink comes with a 12 month service plan.Users can enroll online.

For more information call Napco Security Group at 800-645-9445 or visit

Zebra adds laminating card applications

The P640I from Zebra is a dual-sided color card printer with built-in, dual-sided laminator. It prints full color cards, then applies 1.0-milimeter laminate to both sides simultaneously, creating tamper-resistant cards lasting five or more years. With a print speed of 120 cards per hour, it micro-steps cards during the printing process for color registration, print quality and the ability to print very small text.

For more information, contact Zebra at 800-452-4056 or visit Zebra at

Russound upgrades power amplifier offering

Russound has unveiled a new line of high-performance, multi-channel power amplifiers. The R-Series amplifiers were designed for high power output, stable performance, flexible application and great sound. Key features of the R-Series amplifiers include bridgeable capabilities, improved circuitry to provide trouble-free performance and a compact design.

For more information, contact Russound at 866-222-6997or visit

Panasonic's Iris Recognition Reader

Panasonic Security Systems' BM-ET330 Iris Recognition Reader features a double speed processor, and an RS485 interface. Additional language is available on the reader that supports audio prompts and a built-in real-time clock for time and attendance applications.

For more information, call Panasonic at 866-726-2288 or visit

StarLink from Napco

StarLink RF wireless backup from Napco reports alarm conditions to central stations using a digital network. It supports central station formats and requires no additional equipment. It can work with any control panel. For more information, call Napco Security Systems at 800-645-9445 or visit

March Networks' DVR

March Networks’ monitoring system is a four-camera DVR application combining software, ATM and POS transaction data integration tools. It offers the flexibility to integrate transaction data locally, while using a direct serial or IP connection.

For more information callMarch Networks at 800-563-5564 or visit

Wren releases SD6 series

The SD6 series from Wren provides durable 6-inch housings for fixed cameras and leading PTZs. Two mounting versions include recessed for hard-ceilings and drop-ceiling applications, as well as pendant for open ceiling and suspended-beam applications.

For more information, call Wren at 800-881-2249 or visit

Alarm Lock unveils Trilogy PL3000 Prox-Reader

Alarm Lock System's Trilogy PL3000 Prox-reader is a keypad-less lock that accepts up to 2,000 Prox ID’s. The lock includes concealed electronics for vandal resistance. The program and enrolls users and has up to 500 lock and unlock events using Alarm Lock software. Users can capture and trace all movements throughout the building with a 40,000 event audit printable log.

For more information, call Alarm Lock at 800-252-5625 or visit

Indala's stripe reader

Indala MR stripe card readers can read ISO track two of a magnetic stripe card. The readers incorporate heated magnet-resistive read heads and LED indication.

For more information, call Indala at 408-361-4700 or visit

Research Electronics International security software

Research Electronics International’s OPC-V5.01 software protects against eavesdropping devices The software provides multiple spectrum trace comparison and the ability to create permanent spectrum trace and signal databases to identify evidence of transmitters.

For more information, call Research Electronics International at 931- 537-6032 or visit