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XceedID and Cogent Systems offer SmartGateX

The SmartGateX from XceedID is a fingerprint reader for smartcard applications. The system features a one to one biometric template authentication. When a card is presented to the reader, a finger is also placed on the reader’s fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint template is authenticated at the reader after the reader compares the live fingerprint with data from the card. Under the agreement, XceedID will incorporate its RFID technology into the Cogent SmartGate fingerprint reader.

GE's Topaz now integrates access and video

Topaz from GE leverages a browser-style interface with full color maps and interactive icons to provide integrated access control with video surveillance, alarm monitoring and photo ID badging for systems up to 128 readers.

The software system is packaged in two and four door starter and expansion kits to accommodate field applications.

For more information, call GE Security at 800-343-3358 or visit

Kowa unveils security lenses

The LMZ750AM and LMZ375AM series from Kowa are motorized zoom lenses. The lenses can be paired with any 1/2-inch color or black and white CCTV camera. The LMZ750AM offers a 30-750 millimeter focal length and the LMZ375AM has a 15-375 millimeter focal length. These lenses have F/4.6 and F/2.3 optics, which can be used in low-light conditions. The series offers a 3-Cam zoom mechanism.
For more information about this product, call Kowa at 800-966-5692 or visit the company's web site at

Assa Abloy Door Security Solutions adds CL33900 series

The CL33900 from Assa Abloy Door Security Solutions are electrified cylindrical locks that provide remote locking and unlocking by using a lockset with a lever release mechanism. The self-contained solenoid enables installation in standard cylindrical preparation. The device is available in either a failsafe or fail secure modes. The CL33900 runs off 12 or 24 VAC/VDC.
For more information about this product, call Assa Abloy Door Security Solutions at 651-633-6100 or visit the company’s web site at

Trace Technologies unveils asset tag

Trace Technologies' asset tag is an asset tracking system fused with GPS, wireless and Internet together into an integrated product.
The asset tracking system has support for a built in motion detector. Users can make a location request through the Internet, and the location response from the asset tag can be viewed as a street address on a map.
The unit has indoor, outdoor and urban functionality.
For more information, call Trace Technologies at 402-614-0258 or visit the company's web site at

Internal Biometrics launches Spartan Shield

Spartan Shield from Internal Biometrics is a vein pattern recognition device.
It is used to perform authentication based on an internal quality rather than an external characteristic. The system uses the biometric pattern of a hand's veins to distinguish individuals.
The enrollment of both hands allows the user to authenticate with either hand with a response under a second.
For more information, call Internal Biometrics at 520-591-1210 or visit the company's web site

Shimon Systems Inc. and Texas Instruments team up to offer BIO-EM

Shimon Systems’ Fingerscan Biometric Embedded Module is a fingerprint recognition module that authenticates users by capturing, converting, storing and matching user’s fingerprint images. The module is a standalone solution based on Texas Instrument’s digital signal processor. The BIO-EM is a flexible module for embedded application that consists of two boards that have DSP, memory, DC-DC power supply circuits, a USB connecter and LEDs.

JVC Professional introduces IP dome camera

The VN-C655U from JVC Professional is an indoor or outdoor dome camera with a built in web server. The camera communicates over a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet IP network. It offers 360-degree rotation functionality and has 100 preset positions to pinpoint a location or object. The VN-C655U has low-light capability enabling the camera to capture images in light levels as low as .06 lux. It features an auto panning, and an auto tour, which can follow up to 100 presets at pre-determined intervals.

Elmo offers dome camera

Elmo’s PTC-400C dome camera features a 210 degree tilt that positions everything in the center of the extended surveillance area and flips the picture. The picture is always right side up. The camera has a sweeping horizontal coverage of 350 degrees. Its optical system combined with advanced high-resolution circuitry delivers clear video in a variety of lighting environments. The unit has up to 16 pre-set positions and eight speed settings.

iAccess Systems adds blood vessel authentication system

The VA100, blood vessel authentication system is a biometric identity and access management device that uses a pin number and the unique image of the blood vessel pattern in a finger for registration and authentication. The image is created using near infrared light and a CCD camera. The system can authenticate an individual with a false acceptance rate of one in one million.
For more information about this product, call iAccess at 562.490.3112 or visit the company’s web site at