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Samsung Techwin’s 3750T

The SPD-3750T high resolution premium PTZ dome camera features a 37x optical zoom, intelligent auto tracking with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and a high-speed pan/tilt of 500° per second, guaranteeing 24/7 strict monitoring. The embedded High-Tech SV IV DSP chip in this camera helps to provide clear color images at 550TV line resolution, and black and white images at 680TV resolution. The SPD-3750T is easily installed and provides optimal video quality day or night.


ISC West Booth No. 18063

EverFocus’ EPTZ100

All new EPTZ100 Indoor Mini PTZ with 520TVL and True Day/Night! Engineered with the latest Digital Slow Shutter x128 technology, the EPTZ100 is equipped with 0.005 lux, producing high quality images under very low light conditions. Compact size and discreet; capture all the actions 24/7 with 10x optical zoom and 360-degree of endless rotation. EPTZ100 also offer many features such as privacy zones, noise reduction and 5 minute pattern tour. Ceiling and recessed mount included.

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Panasonic’s WV-CW504 Vandal-Resistant Fixed Dome Camera

The new Panasonic WV-CW504 vandal-resistant fixed dome camera is engineered with revolutionary SD5 technology, combining Super Dynamic technology including Adaptive Black Stretch for superior image quality in all lighting environments, and advanced VMD. On-board analytics include intruder, removed object and unattended baggage detection.  With a newly developed CCD & DSP, horizontal resolution is 650 TV lines. The WV-CW504 offers high sensitivity of 0.3 lux, day/night capability and Auto Back Focus which reduces post-installation intervention.   

Altronix’ VertiLine16i Rack Mount Camera Power Supply

The VertiLine16i Rack Mount Camera Power Supply features 16 individually selectable 24VAC or 28VAC isolated power outputs rated at one amp each. VertiLine is designed in a space-saving 1U EIA 19-in. chassis with LED status indicators for each output. Input is selectable 115VAC / 230VAC. VertiLine is UL listed for use in the U.S. and Canada and features a lifetime warranty.

Visit or call 888-258-7669

ISC West Booth No. 19077

Pentax’s 55X Long-Range Zoom Lens

Pentax launches the 55x Zoom lens with 2.5x extender. Super-Telephoto 12-660mm and an EFL (Effective Focal Length) of 1680mm, to capture remote objects.  recognition of a human figure at 600 yards (550M). Highly responsive interfacing with type-5 wiring or serial control. Zoom, focus and auto-iris operate effortlessly as a standard C/CS mount zoom lens. Operational speed of the zoom and focus will traverse at 4.5 seconds. Applications include border patrol, harbors, military and government.     

Videotec Security’s ALBERT The Video Agent

Albert is a fresh new approach to the networked intelligence and video content analysis.  Each video-agent is able to exchange information with other connected Albert: reducing PTZ cameras overlaps and providing the best video sequences. Embedding an innovative Event Detection algorithm, ALBERT fully recognizes anything anomalous. The intelligence is distributed among the Video Agents themselves, no needing any central server and guaranteeing excellent fault tolerance, system scalability, integration with third party management software.

Medeco High Security Locks’ Logic Electromechanical Locking System

Logic is an electromechanical product line that consists of digital keys and digital cylinders. Logic includes features like scheduling, audit trails, and the ability to easily add and delete user keys. However, Logic installs without any wiring, door or frame modifications, or additional hardware. In fact, most doors can be upgraded to Logic in less than five minutes. The Logic product family includes rim, mortise, key-in-knob cylinders, deadbolts, cabinet locks, padlocks, and cam locks.    

Visit or call 800-675-7558

IDenticard Systems’ expressionsID

ExpressionsID, the custom badge making solution from IDenticard, now offers the added capability of print queue management, cardholder filtering, data import utility and LDAP sign-on and connection to its long list of convenient user features. The innovative ID badging software is designed for ease of use and lets customers create professional badges with a distinctive look. ExpressionsID supports multiple card technologies and assorted applications.

Visit or call 800-233-0298

ISC West Booth No. 16121

Intransa’s StarterBlock DVR Upgrades

StarterBlock extends the life of existing CCTV systems for less than the cost of a new DVR. StarterBlock CCTV DVR Upgrades support one to 16 DVRs, delivering RAID protection and hot-swap technology, eliminating lost recording risk.  Leverage existing DVRs, cameras & cabling, while increasing video retention, resolution & frame rate for days, weeks or months. Certified risk-free with more than 100 applications, StarterBlock is also ideal for edge recording or NVR/VMS/PSIM systems with up to 64 IP cameras.

Honeywell Security’s My Keypad

A great new sales opportunity, My Keypad is a lifestyle-enhancing application of Honeywell’s Total Connect digital communications solution that your customers will love.  It works just like an actual keypad‚, letting your customers operate their security systems remotely from anywhere in the world. My Keypad is the perfect fit for homeowners’ active lives because it’s security that goes with them, letting them enjoy extra mobility without ever compromising their safety or peace of mind.