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ISC West New Products

Aiphone’s JK Series PanTilt Color Video Intercom

Aiphone releases the new JK Series.  The JK Series is a PanTilt Zoom, open voice color video intercom system.  At 170 degrees, the JK series camera offers nearly twice the viewing width as conventional video intercoms. The video from the JK’s fish-eye camera lens is digitally processed so the monitor displays distortion free video. The Pan Tilt and zoom on the camera can be pre-set so a specific area of the entrance is displayed when a visitor calls in.

SAMSUNG | GVI Security’s 8000 Series Standalone DVR

Extremely easy to use, the new SAMSUNG SHR-8000 Series Standalone DVRs are a lower cost alternative to high performance PC-based DVRs. They provide real time Full D1 resolution at 480IPS high quality recording for any demanding security application. Net-1, the free, user-friendly software, conveniently imparts high definition video display and control over the entire video system. Users can record live video onto a hard drive while reviewing previously recorded messages without compromising speed.


Digital IDView’s IV-CAMoIP

The IV-CAMoIP Digital video encoder provides users with a cost effective means by which to transition legacy systems into an IP solution. This unit ships with innovative discovery software capable of finding and controlling units across multiple subnets without changing the administrators IP address. The IV-CAMoIP and is compatible with leading third party software and  can be integrated with IDview’s 180 and 360 cameras. IV-CAMoIP units are also compatible with multiple IDview Hybrid DVR systems.

STOPware’s PassagePoint Global v10

STOPware PassagePoint Global v10 enterprise-level visitor management software offers centralized control over large integrated systems, with integrated security, communications, badging, multi-language support, and advanced reporting. Visitor management can be implemented globally or locally, with the ability to customize screens and lists. PassagePoint Global v10 also offers integration with IT infrastructure plus the capability to create a directory of hosts and link to active directory to leverage Single Sign-on capabilities.

Pixim’s Orca-E digital imager

Pixim whose Digital Pixel System technology revolutionizes how security cameras capture and process images, announces a new member of its popular Orca‚Ñ¢ chipset family. The Orca-E digital imager significantly improves low-light performance, retaining superb Orca image quality and color fidelity, even in variable and high-contrast lighting conditions.  The enhanced Orca-E sensor design and new exposure modes yield a dramatic 16dB (2.5 f-stops) of additional sensitivity while maintaining pin compatibility with earlier Orca chipsets.

e-DATA’s Fingerprint Key, Biometrics Without Software

e-DATA introduces biometric access control featuring the Fingerprint Key, an outdoor rated biometric reader with completely embedded software. When used with e-DATA Access Control, users experience global enrollment without servers or software; users register once and fingerprints are distributed throughout the system. All this makes the Fingerprint Key as easy to install as card readers, as easy as running wire.


ISC West Booth No. 6100

Proximex’ Surveillint 4.0

Proximex Surveillint is the premier physical security solution for policy-based incident discovery, connection and resolution. Surveillint 4.0 updates the user interface and adds new security activities to meet a broad range of decision-making needs for security operators, managers, and administrators. For security directors, new product enhancements to Surveillint include summary views and advanced trend reporting. Finally, Proximex broadened Surveillint’s range of system integration by adding support for sonar, radar, radio and digital media signage.

TAC’s Andover Continuum

TAC’s Andover Continuum system now supports integration with Pelco Endura-enabled DVR5100. This video monitor solution enables association of up to 16 cameras with any alarm, allowing thousands of cameras to be linked to the access control and intrusion points. During an alarm event, PTZ dome presets can be called and video can pop-up instantly with associated personnel records and doors events. These details are presented together with both live and playback video.


ISC West Booth No. 36040

OnSSI’s Ocularis

Ocularis, OnSSI’s intelligent IP video surveillance management platform, represents a quantum leap in video detection, analysis, delivery, and response. Ocularis’ non-proprietary, open architecture solution enables integration of comprehensive physical security and video analytic functionality. Fewer operators effectively monitor hundreds and thousands of cameras in control room and desktop environments, substantially reducing operating costs.

PPM 2000’s Perspective Version 2.0

Introducing Perspective Version 2.0’s Incident Reporting & Investigation Management Software. With Perspective, organizations benefit from a single enterprise platform to capture and report data relative to incidents, investigations and cases. Users can intelligently action and query their data for trending, risk mitigation and planned activities. Then, with the ability to assess what is happening, they can make informed decisions that optimize performance and illustrate the effectiveness of their security operation.