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ISC West New Products

Bosch’s Divar XF 2.0

The new Divar XF is Bosch’s first embedded DVR with support for both analog cameras and IP video streams. Divar XF’s hybrid functionality offers users a smooth migration path from analog to digital video solutions for applications ranging from retail and public monitoring systems to banks, casinos and hotels. With real-time 4CIF performance and efficient H.264 compression, Divar XF can reduce bandwidth and storage costs by up to 30%, compared with traditional MPEG-4 encoding.   


Detex’s Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction (EExER)

Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction Rim Exit Device (Patent Pending)Detex’s Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction (EExER) is designed for applications requiring security and access control and is perfect for automatic door operators. The 100dB alarm will sound when someone attempts to exit, but the door remains locked for 15 seconds, deterring unauthorized exits and providing time for personnel to respond. Ideal applications include airports, hospitals, assisted living facilities as well as schools, retail and law enforcement buildings.

Ingersoll Rand Security’s Schlage 500-ULAC Power Supplies

New Schlage UL294-listed power supplies support access control applications.  Offering unparalleled reliability and ease of installation, the new 500-ULAC 1-Amp and 3-Amp power supplies, supplied standard with AC input, output and battery monitoring circuits, power devices locally or connect to an access control panel.  Providing low voltage, filtered and regulated power for a broad range of access control devices and panels, they meet the needs of both security and access control market segments.


Potter Electric Signal’s Notification Devices

This new line includes a complete redesign of the indoor and outdoor selectable horns, strobes, strobe/horn combination and mass notification strobe/horn combinations. All of the models operate between 12/24V DC. The strobes have six (6) settings with a range of 15-110 candela. The strobe setting is clearly displayed on the front of the device.  The new devices also include a universal mounting plate with a pre-wire terminal block to assist with installation and come with weatherproof options.


Fujinon’s Megapixel vari focal lenses

Industries widest 3 Megapixel vari-focal lens. The YV2.7X2.2SA series lenses offer a horizontal field of view of 120 degrees! Perfect for use with Megapixel cameras that allow customers to record wider fields of view.   With this release, customers now enjoy the flexibility of a Vari-Focal lens without having to compromise on field of view or Megapixel resolution.  The lens incorporates Fujinon’s proprietary “AT‚” Aspheric Technology which improves optical performance, while reducing overall size and weight.


Bolide's Sbox Series Economic H.264 Compression Standalone DVR

The Sbox series is the latest DVRs from Bolide in its line of affordable and high quality H.264 DVRs. The superb picture clarity of the recorded surveillance video is made possible by the new H.264 video codec that offers unsurpassed video quality while taking up little HDD space. It supports IE remote viewing up to 4 users with easy USB backup function. Other features include email notification, self-recovery after power loss, audio recording and more.   


ISC West Booth No. 20109

General Lock powered by BlueWave’s Cyclone 120

The General Lock Cyclone powered by BlueWave integrates a Grade 1, industrial-class battery-powered lockset(2000 users per lock with both PIN/Prox) with the BlueLink Wi-Fi SmartModem (a patent-pending, ultra-low-power 802.11b (WPA2) technology), and the BlueView Professional Enterprise Access Control software application from BlueWave Security. This combination enables central management of 1 to 1000s of Cyclone locksets, locally or remotely over IP networks.  The Cyclone provides years of Wi-Fi communication transactions on a standard pack of 4 alkaline AA batteries.    

EnerSys’s Genesis NP Batteries

EnerSys manufactures the Genesis NP battery line to support corporate and residential alarm systems, emergency lighting, closed circuit television systems, computers, medical equipment, portable lighting, test equipment and other instrumentation. The Genesis NP product line includes a wide range of models, from 0.8 Ah to 100 Ah in 6 and 12-volt configurations. High quality, sealed rechargeable lead-acid batteries from EnerSys provide reliable power for all your critical application requirements.


Adams Rite’s e-Force 150 Keyless Entry

The eForce-150 is a new battery-operated key pad control for Adams Rite deadbolts, dead latches and exit devices that are compatible with aluminum stile, steel and wood door applications. The device can accommodate up to 150 users, (including master, supervisor and emergency users) plus two one-time codes. The eForce-150 can operate in three modes: Standard, Passage and Lockout. All programming is accomplished via the keypad.

Morse Watchmans’ SmartKey Locker System

Morse Watchmans SmartKey Locker Systems are the solution for controlling and securing larger objects such as laptops, cash trays, weapons, cell phones and more. With advanced Key-Pro software, users can track items, view reports on their use and receive email alerts if an item is not returned on time. The new “4 x 12 x 7” lockers, and laptop sized lockers, can also accommodate many other large objects. The Illuminated SmartKey slots easily identify the locker to be accessed.


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