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ISC West New Products

SAMSUNG | GVI Security’s SCC-C7478(C) - 36x Optical Zoom SmartDome Camera

SAMSUNG | GVI Security introduces NEW 36x Optical Zoom SmartDome Camera System, SCC-C7478(C).  This Power Zoom Camera System excels in sharpness and high resolution. This camera is equipped with Day/Night function and excellent True Wide Dynamic Range resolves clear images through both glare and shadow. The SCC-C7478(C) easy installation and ability to adapt to the environmental changes quickly makes this camera truly the best choice for the entire network camera features you want and need.   


Research Electronics’ TALAN Telephone And Line Analyzer

The REI TALAN evaluates digital and analog telephone systems (and other wiring) for eavesdropping threats.  Among its new testing technologies are line nonlinear junction detection, digital demodulation, frequency domain reflectometer, and an automated switching matrix to automate tests on all pair combinations of wires on telephone line.  The device also integrates and automates standard telephone testing equipment such as multimeter tests, audio amplifier, spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope. 


Designed Security’s Entry Sentry

Designed Security announces the Entry Sentry tailgate detection system. Affordable, versatile, and easy to install, Entry Sentry uses 32 infrared sensors to detect tailgating through any door or hallway, setting off an alarm when more than one person enters at a time. Its advanced sensor technology recognizes inanimate objects, while adjustable sensitivity helps eliminate false alerts. This smart and simple solution can be configured to trigger local or remote alarms and integrates with access control systems.


System Sensor’s InnovairFlex Duct Smoke Detector

System Sensor announces the release of its versatile InnovairFlex duct smoke detector line. With InnovairFlex, one unit can accommodate multiple installation footprints to overcome mounting constraints, a first for duct smoke detectors.  The InnovairFlex product line also offers superb false alarm immunity, a broad temperature range from -4 degrees F to 158 degrees F (-20 degrees C to 70 degrees C), easily visible status indicators and a readily accessible test feature.


ISC West Booth No. 11041

Vicon’s I-ONYX IP Cameras with Digital Noise Reduction

Three new additions to Vicon’s I-ONYX line of IP cameras offer superior performance in low-light conditions. The cameras’ digital noise reduction feature removes noise that is usually visible in low-light video, providing cleaner images that require less bandwidth and storage space. Models are available as color, day/night or WDR, and are fully compatible with the ViconNet digital video management system.    


ISC West Booth No. 16055

Inovonics’ High Traffic Four Element Motion Detector

The Inovonics High Traffic Four Element Motion Detector solves the battery limitation problems of motion sensors in through an intelligent sleep timer and superior battery technology. Designed to deliver four years of battery life when used in high traffic commercial environments (calculated at 200 activations per day), it features a detection range of 50 feet, superior interference immunity, and increased protection from common false alarm triggers such as vibration, static, lighting, and ambient temperature changes.

Emcor Enclosures’ Modular Video Wall

Emcor’s new freestanding Modular Video Wall is designed to support both LCD and plasma monitors, and each is custom-configured to meet your unique video-display requirements. The Wall accommodates almost any combination of sizes and brands of Customer-supplied monitors and has built-in power-distribution and cable-management features. Since the Wall is freestanding, access to the rear is unimpeded making the installation and removal of monitors, plus their power and signal cabling, easy.

SmokeSabre’s Smoke Sabre

A totally new concept in smoke detector testing which offers multiple unique features. At the flick of the wrist, the Sabre extends to provide fast and efficient testing while eliminating the possibility of detector damage through residue. UL Listed, Smoke Sabre is the solution to problems previously associated with aerosol smoke detectors. All other pressurized aerosol smoke alarm testers have the inherent draw back that, used incorrectly, they leave harmful residue on the casing and / or inside the chamber of the detector.

SDi’s Testifire

Testifire is a technologically advanced, fully field portable device for functional testing of single and multi-sensor fire detectors.  The product range enables testing of optical / photoelectric and ionization smoke sensors, thermal sensors (fixed temperature or rate-of-rise), and carbon monoxide (CO) fire sensors; be they conventional, addressable or analogue addressable.  Testifire is also the first functional tester that enables testing of multi-sensors or multi-criteria detectors from a single test unit.  Testing all fire detectors with one unit is faster and more productive and allow

Hirsch Electronics’ Identity & Access Management System

Hirsch’s Identity & Access Management System (IAMS) is a suite of integrated hardware and software products that enable you to: -Authenticate & manage identities:  Collect ID documents, biometrics, background check, digital certificates.  -Produce secure cards: Encode and print smart cards/tokens. -Convert credentials: Move access privileges from old card to new.  -Control and track access: Use same card for physical (building) and logical (computer) access.  Sync with HR system. Check employees’ certificates periodically.