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Showing impact of false alarms helps reduce them

Vector’ Walker has more than halved false alarms for large retailers, company says

PITTSBURGH—Kristina Walker says false alarm reduction has been “etched in my mind” ever since she became Vector Security’s false alarm reduction-permit compliance coordinator nearly six years ago.

Toronto levies heavy false fire alarm fines

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TORONTO—A report from The Star says the city has taken a new, no free chances approach to false fire alarm fines.

False alarms will incur higher fee in Roseville

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ROSEVILLE, Minn.—A story from the Star Tribune reports the Roseville City Council has voted to impose steep fees on citizens who have repeat visits from police for false alarms from automatic security systems.

Pennsville will fine for false alarms

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PENNSVILLE TOWNSHIP, N.J.—A story from reports that the Pennsville Township committee voted to adopt an ordinance at its meeting on Nov. 15 that will fine all residents and businesses that frequently set off false fire alarms.

Industry joins fire false-alarm battle

Efforts in Kentucky will be taken nationwide

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—A new campaign here to combat false fire alarms involves not only local fire departments, but the alarm industry, with officials saying installers can play a role in reducing unintentional alarms.
“I’m really excited about it,” said Bill Cooper, an ADT industry liaison manager who is chairman of the Coordinated Alarm Reduction Effort for the Security Industry Alarm Coalition, regarding the initiative announced Oct. 28.

Memphis, Tenn. approves fines for false alarms

Low-priority response list for repeat offenders implemented
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MEMPHIS, Tenn.—A Sept. 29 story from The Commercial Appeal reports the Memphis City Council approved a measure Sept. 28 that imposes fines on people whose home or business burglar alarms frequently register false reports. Furthermore, repeat offenders risk loosing response priority from authorities.

Shawnee Commission approves alarm fees

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SHAWNEE, Okla.—A Sept. 9 story from the Countywide & Sun reports the Shawnee city commissioners approved a new ordinance regulating false alarms.