Applying Smart Video to Harness Big Data

Tuesday, August 5 • 1 pm ET

The rise in the volume and detail of information captured by enterprise business systems, social media and the Internet of Things has left enterprises with a glut of data that they don’t know how to use.

And this is only the Big Data problem on the traditional IT side; the data collected by physical security devices, including video surveillance systems, is often unused by the enterprise unless something goes wrong. Are there solutions available to help curb this proliferation of data, allowing for cost savings and business efficiencies? Of equal importance, how can enterprises leverage this high-quality video data to make actionable security and business decisions?

To assess these challenges, the Security Industry Association and Security Systems News present “Applying Smart Video to Harness Big Data,” the second event in the 2014 Emerging Technology Webcast Series. During this free webcast, security integrators and security practitioners will learn from Verint, a global leader in providing actionable intelligence in security solutions, and their customers.  

Verint, an end user and an integrator will share how they have taken a partnership approach to employ smart video solutions to both streamline the proliferation of data and use the data captured to thwart security threats and share the return on investment across multiple levels of the enterprise, including sales and marketing functions.

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·      The emerging technologies manufacturers and service providers are incorporating into their video surveillance products to meet broad end-user requirements

·      How technologies such as video synopsis and smart-tagging are offering customers attractive bottom AND top line benefits

·      Techniques that facilitate enterprise buy-in, and how to spot and avoid deployment hurdles

And more!

Presenter (s): 
Joshua Phillips, Director of Marketing, Verint Video & Situation Intelligence Solutions, William Eckard, Director of Strategic Accounts, Verint Systems Inc., Melkon H. Babigian, CPP, President, IK Systems, Inc.
Moderator (s): 
Martha Entwistle, Editor, Security Systems News
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