The Great Conversation in Security™ Webinar Series

Third in the Series: Intelligent Communications and the Age of Voice

The Great Conversation in Security is an executive leadership forum that takes place each spring in Seattle. The forum’s topics come from a series of conversations that happen throughout the year with security program executives, ESRM practitioners, integrators and technology thought leaders. We are now making some of these conversations visible to you through a webinar series. Thought leaders in risk, resilience and security will explore emerging best practices in leading people, processes and technology.

In today's web event we will learn...

How we'll use voice, audio and other communication methods in the next generation of intelligent communication solutions. Dylan Hayes, Physical Security Manager of Seattle Children’s Hospital and Jim Hoffpauir, the President of Zenitel North America, discuss the key elements you will need to have to build a communications platform in the Age of Voice.

Moderator (s): 
Ron Worman, The Sage Group