Riding the Video Wave: Challenges and Opportunities in Surveillance Storage

It’s no secret that video surveillance is growing fast. Hidden beneath the hi-res cameras and advances in software is what we see as the final measure of security - the storage system. As surveillance installations grow beyond 1000s of channels and retention periods increase to months and in some cases years, surveillance storage becomes more critical. As you architect and size storage, you face the need to design for Size, Growth, Stability and new uses for video data beyond security. The challenges are big, so are the opportunities. We invite you to join a conversation about the complexities video system growth brings, how to identify opportunities to capture additional revenue, and learn best practices you can put to work today on your next project. Join us for Q&A With Mike Tarras, Sr System Analyst at Milestone Systems Storage Trends and Best Practices conversation with Rags Srinivasan, Senior Director Product Management, Seagate Cloud Systems.

Presenter (s): 
Rags Srinivasan, Sr Director Product Management, Seagate Cloud Systems; and Mike Tarras, Senior System Analyst at Milestone Systems
Moderator (s): 
Paul Ragusa, Editor, Security Systems News