Safe City: Security, safety and awareness through technology

Help your customers secure their cities

With tragic events such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the value of video surveillance is now recognized by both security professionals and the public. Access to highly optimized video reaffirms the vital role advanced surveillance systems play in keeping our cities and citizens safe. The Safe City approach is designed to ensure a high level of security, safety and awareness.

Join this interactive webcast to learn how Safe City projects, such as one initiated by the Baltimore Police Department, can boost the safety and security of local governments, residents, businesses and infrastructure, using today’s most advanced surveillance technologies.

This webcast covers emerging security solutions that help cities:

·      Reduce crime

·      Minimize false alarms

·      Optimize first response

·      Be more proactive with their security programs

·     And much more

Presenter (s): 
Yaron Zussman, Vice President of Sales, Americas and Global Accounts, DVTEL David Spilman, President, Tele-Tector of Maryland
Moderator (s): 
Martha Entwistle, Editor, Security Systems News
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