Sales Manager vs. Salespeople: Understanding Their DNA Differences

Winning Sales Strategies Series: Webcast 2

Thursday, July 10 – 2pm ET

Have you ever promoted a sales superstar to manager and been disappointed? Not all great salespeople are cut out for management.

Take part in this webcast to avoid making this mistake and learn:

·      Why can’t the same person be good at both?

·      How to identify a salesperson who could become a great sales manager

·      The common characteristics for both positions

·      How to avoid the pitfall of just promoting your “best salesperson” to manager

And much more!

Presenter (s): 
Gretchen Gordon, Sales Team Transformation Expert, Braveheart Sales Performance; John Jennings, CEO of Safeguard Security and David Goldstein, President of Guardian Alarm
Moderator (s): 
Tim Purpura, Vice President and Group Publisher, Security Systems News
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