Security and beyond: ONVIF interoperability standards driving integration

Technological innovations in access control are occurring faster than ever, as the demand for integrations and interoperability between access control, video surveillance and a multitude of other disciplines continue to increase. This webcast will address how the standardization of IP network-based communications is becoming crucial in keeping up with end user demand for multi-device integrations and will also offer insight on how the use of ONVIF Profile C and Profile A can help maintain interoperability between different access control devices.

Attend this webcast and learn:

  • The features and functionalities of ONVIF Profile C and Profile A
  • How ONVIF profiles enable easier integrations between access control and video surveillance
Presenter (s): 
Bob Dolan from Anixter; Vinay Ghule from Honeywell; Jim Dearing from IHS Markit
Moderator (s): 
Tim Purpura, Publisher, Security Systems News
There’s no charge to register.