Smart home is smart business for security dealers

It’s time to get in the race and sell the smart home solutions customers are looking for

Growth in the smart home market is exploding and is expected to reach $71 billion by 2018. This creates a tremendous opportunity for security dealers to grow their business. During this webcast you’ll gain important business insight into what it takes to launch a smart home security and automation program. In addition, you’ll learn what impact offering smart solutions will have on your operations. With today’s smart devices, networks and powerful platforms, it’s easier than you think.

Key discussion points include:

  • Latest smart home trends
  • How offering smart solutions will affect your business
  • The impact it will have on your operations
  • How Icontrol One solutions smooth the transition
Presenter (s): 
Greg Roberts, VP Marketing, Icontrol
Moderator (s): 
Paul Ragusa, Managing Editor, Security Systems News