The Standards "War" - Is it Over?


As the industry continues its transition from analog to IP, standards organizations have helped to ease that evolution by offering standardized approaches to connecting disparate pieces of security technology. Key standards and initiatives introduced in the early days of the transition have matured in tandem with the market, with some finding individual niches rather than continuing to compete with one another. So where do all the standards fit now, and how are they working together in different segments of the market? Are there new entrants to the mix? What kind of benefits can integrators find when using multiple standards within a system? 

Hear perspectives from ONVIF on the many ways that these complementary standards in the market can provide integrators with more efficiencies in system design and expansion.

Presenter (s): 
Per Björkdahl, Axis Communications’ Director of Business Development; and Jonathan Lewit, Director of Technology Leadership for Pelco by Schneider-Electric
Moderator (s): 
Tim Purpura, VP & Group Publisher, Security Systems News