Axcess Inc. to integrate video with Sonitrol

Saturday, June 1, 2002

DALLAS-Axcess Inc., a provider of video and asset tracking management solutions, has partnered with Sonitrol Corp. to integrate its streaming video into Sonitrol's central station monitoring system.

The integration will allow Sonitrol franchisees to view live, remote video using standard telecommunication facilities and is designed to work with Sonitrol's proprietary audio verification platform. The system can be integrated with existing surveillance cameras already installed at a customer's site.

Although Axcess has been providing Sonitrol with its Prism Video product line for several years, this new integration now means that Sonitrol central station operators will see the video on the same screen as the alarms, said Doreen Herring, vice president of marketing for Sonitrol. Company officials said they consider the video verification an enhancement to Sonitrol's monitoring, the cornerstone of which is the proprietary voice verification service.

"Now our operators can go into the site and verify the alarm with video as well as the audio," Herring said. "This just helps to verify alarms quicker and helps with police response because we're able to give the police more information."

With the integration also comes a host of different video services, such as remote monitoring as well as the video verification, which can add more value to the video monitoring than just security, said Ellen Koh, Sonitrol's director of communications, such as an information gathering tool or for remote management.

"From Axcess' point of view, this is a huge adoption of our technology," said Clint Hughes, director of marketing for Axcess, based here.

The Axcess technology which allows more video to be transmitted through lower bandwidth, will be available through Sonitrol's 170 franchise locations serving 180 cities in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.