Leadership Talks

Thursday, October 19 at 12:30pm EST

A 20 minute Q&A series with industry leaders delivered WEBCAST STYLE!

Thought provoking discussions that will cover business strategies, technology development and more.

The Great Conversation in Security™ Webinar Series

Second in the Series: The Insecurity of Security: Practical Guardrails for Protecting Your Physical Security System from Cyber Attacks

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 1:00 pm EST

The Great Conversation in Security is an executive leadership forum that takes place each spring in Seattle. The forum’s topics come from a series of conversations that happen throughout the year with security program executives, ESRM practitioners, integrators and technology thought leaders.

The Standards "War" - Is it Over?


As the industry continues its transition from analog to IP, standards organizations have helped to ease that evolution by offering standardized approaches to connecting disparate pieces of security technology.

Connecting Smart Cities – Intelligent Video Surveillance

Today’s cities are sprinkled with multiple sensors, devices and cameras monitoring parking, connecting digital signage, providing license plate recognition and many more services.

Security and beyond: ONVIF interoperability standards driving integration

Technological innovations in access control are occurring faster than ever, as the demand for integrations and interoperability between access control, video surveillance and a multitude of other disciplines continue to increase.

Retrofitting for IP Connected Security - An analysis of how integrators, dealers and installers can access IP quality communications using legacy wiring.

The influx of new IP enabled security products is changing the demands businesses have when it comes to enhanced IP features.  However end users with existing buildings are not getting the best use of their electronic security budget due to a large percentage of that investment is used for new c

Riding the Video Wave: Challenges and Opportunities in Surveillance Storage

It’s no secret that video surveillance is growing fast. Hidden beneath the hi-res cameras and advances in software is what we see as the final measure of security - the storage system.

Evolving IoT: Why standards and cyber security matter more than ever

The Internet of Things continues to grow (to an estimated 20 to 50 billion devices by 2020) and cyber security and interoperability are becoming ever more crucial.

Biometric Technology: Recognition on the Rise

Available on demand

Join us for the first installment in the 2017 Emerging Technologies Webcast Series. Biometric technology is becoming more advanced than ever before. We used to hear about iris or facial recognition only in movies but not anymore.

The Heat Is On: Thermal Imaging and Detection

How is thermal technology—traditionally used for military, law enforcement and public safety—now widely deployed within commercial and nongovernmental sectors?