Back office moves to the forefront

Saturday, October 1, 2005

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--A chance encounter with a dealer last year turned into an opportunity for Monitoring Partners to provide enhanced services to its customers and better define the company's mission statement.
At that time, an unnamed dealer with 1,000 accounts approached the third party central station with a simple request. The person entered into a contract with an out-of-state company to handle billing and was unable to exit from the agreement.
"He said, 'Look, can you get me out of this situation?'" according to Bob Leone, co-founder and president. So, working with Chick May, chief executive officer at the company, they provided a loan to enable the dealer to regain control of his accounts.
Since then, Monitoring Partners has identified these types of services, which range from billing to answering assistance, as an important feature. "We've been able to grow and expand and they can grow and expand through the backroom," said Leone, referring to what the initiative is called at the company.
This personalized attention to its customers seems to be working for the company with 15,000 accounts in its central station, as five more companies now take advantage of these services. The company also boasts that not one dealer has left the company for another central station since it entered the market in July 2001.
"Right now, we're trying to grow internally and focus on our dealers," said Jay Kessel, director of sales. "We have been selective, we have chosen not to do business with those that don't have the same perimeters to do business (as us)."