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Thursday, May 1, 2003

Sonitrol signs contract with deli chain

ORLANDO, Fla. - Through its key accounts team, Sonitrol Corp. has signed a deal with a national chain of delicatessens to become that company’s preferred security provider, company officials said in mid-April.

Sonitrol will begin installing systems in stores in the Houston-based Jason’s Deli chain, in the portion of the stores that are corporately owned, about 56 percent of the locations.

For the remaining franchise locations, Sonitrol will be the recommended security provider. The chain has more than 120 locations in 14 states.
CSAA holds proprietary central station meeting

VIENNA, Va. - The first formal meeting of the Central Station Alarm Association Proprietary Central Station Council was held in late January at the State Farm Insurance offices in Bloomington, Ill.

The meeting included the election of council officers and the development of membership parameters.

Officers elected to serve on the board included Joe Miskulin of State Farm as chairman, Jimmie Richards from Boeing Co. as first vice president and membership chairman, Alan Mooren from Wal-Mart as second vice president, James Beaty from Autozone as secretary and Scott Peterson from Target Corp. as member-at-large.
Analysts: 10-digit numbers not necessary

BOSTON - Local telecommunications analysts told the Boston Globe in early April that 10-digit phone numbers imposed two years ago in eastern Massachusetts may not be necessary and were added in the over-inflated years of the telecom boom.

Only a small fraction of those numbers are being used. State regulators and communications companies said that the 10-digit dialing was unavoidable because of government rules for the allocation of phone numbers.