False alarms in KC getting more costly

SSN Staff  - 
Friday, April 29, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—An April 28 story from the Kansas City Star reports residents and business owners will soon be paying more for false security alarms.

The KCPD plans to increase the the fee it charges residents who log more than two false alarms each year to $49 per false alarm, according to the story.

The department also is raising the renewal fee for businesses. They don’t get any freebies and must pay $49 each time they log a false alarm.

The fees used to be $40. The increase was due to take effect May 1.

Residents and businesses must get a permit from the department for officers to respond to alarms. The new permits cost residents and businesses $45. There is no renewal fee if there are no false alarms.

The fees are allowed under the city’s false alarm ordinance, which is intended to minimize the number of false alarms and avoid wasting police resources. About 97 percent of Kansas City security alarms are false alarms, police said.