Integrator insights in Florida

AMAG Technology expands its specifier event to include integrators
Monday, April 9, 2012

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—Access control and security management systems provider AMAG Technology expanded its annual consultant event this year to include a handful of select integrators.

The AMAG Security Engineering Symposium took place here March 4-7. On March 7, AMAG held an Integrators Insight conference. It invited all of the consultants, a group of about 20 integrators, along with Bill Bozeman, CEO of PSA Security. The integrators were also invited to attend some of the consultant events on March 6.

In addition to hearing from AMAG and AMAG partners, the integrators participated in a consultant/reseller panel discussion and breakout sessions. AMAG did this same type of mini-conference with five resellers last year, and decided to expand the number of integrators this year.

“My goal next year is to at least double the number of resellers invited, and try to have more overlap,” said Matt Barnette, AMAG Technology’s EVP of sales and marketing.

The discussion focused on the best ways to work together. Both the integrators and consultants also discussed what manufacturers such as AMAG can do in terms of sharing information to facilitate a good working relationship with all parties. One integrator, Dan Kilgore of RFI Communications, attended consultant sessions on March 6 and was looking forward to the joint sessions.

“I wanted to hear what they are being presented with and what we’ll be presented with tomorrow. If I can understand how they get to their frame of mind, that might help me to be a better resource to them,” he said.

While it’s important to maintain a separation between the consultant and integrator, the two professions “oftentimes live in separate vacuums,” and that’s not helpful for integrator, specifier, end user or manufacturer, he said.