Microtec: Novices need not apply

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

ST-AUGUSTIN, Quebec - Microtec has unveiled a dealer program to independent security companies in Quebec and Ontario, an offering designed to not only give the dealer more control over the customer relationship, but also more cold hard cash.

Geared toward the established security company, the Associate Dealer program is designed to correct many of the issues that exist between the dealer and the funding source in traditional dealer programs, such as difficulty scheduling service calls or issues with recurring revenue after the sale of the  account.

“Conceptually this is the problem of any dealer program, where you cannot please a customer nor can you please a dealer with that type of fragmented relationship,” said Daniel Jobin, executive vice president, authorized dealer and affinity programs.

The new program, which directs all calls for service to the dealer, allows the dealer to garner revenues from upselling additional products and services as well as referrals and independence in pricing. The program also delivers 40 percent of the monthly recurring revenue to the dealer, Jobin said.

Qualified dealers for this program will be strong on the technical side, and be established dealers looking for a dealer program with a slightly different bent.

For Microtec, this will expand on the company’s existing operations in Ontario and Quebec, with more than 100,000 accounts being monitored by the company. Microtec eventually plans to roll the dealer program out through Canada.