NCR includes Sensormatic devices in scanners

SSN Staff  - 
Tuesday, April 1, 2003

DAYTON, Ohio - NCR Corp. has begun to integrate Tyco Fire & Security’s Sensormatic anti-theft deactivation devices into its bioptic and single-window scanners.

NCR is integrating Sensorm-atic anti-theft deactivation with its RealScan 7875. The technology cuts any delay in the deactivation process by integrating the deactivation coil directly into the bar code scanner.

The growing use of source tagging by many retailers, a process where manufacturers apply the anti-theft devices to merchandise during the manufacturing or packaging process, has led to the increased need for an integrated scanning/deactivation process.

“With losses continuing to mount due to shoplifting, retailers have turned to protecting their inventories with state-of-the-art anti-theft technologies,” said Pierre Abboud, NCR vice president and general manager. “Increased deactivation reliability will enhance operational efficiency by reducing re-checks and shrinkage.”