New location provides a glimpse of things to come

VTI Security eyes additional offices to provide broader coverage
Thursday, July 1, 2004

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - VTI Security recently opened a branch here, making it the third location for the company but its first new office in 12 years.
The addition comes as company officials eye future expansion for the $20 million a year business, which has focused attention on serving clients in the areas surrounding its locations in Burnsville, Minn., and Denver.

“There’s a high population base down there,” said Thomas Asp, president of VTI Security about the Colorado Springs area. “We could grow in the Colorado and the Denver market by putting more of our resources in that market or branch out and provide more resources in other parts of the state.”

The latter made the most sense, said Asp, because it provided VTI Security with the most growth opportunity. It is also an important market for VTI Security to serve.

With a population of 400,000, an Airforce Academy nearby and a number of financial institutions based in that area, Colorado Springs provides VTI Security with fertile ground for new clients. It also provides it with the ability to better serve clients of SecurityNet, an organization that brings together systems integrators to offer national account service. VTI Security is a member of that organization.

Asp said the office in Colorado Springs could be one of several new locations for the company. VTI Security currently serves the Midwest and states such as Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska through its Security-Net affiliation. Another location could make service to those areas easier, said Asp.

VTI Security has initially staffed its new office with several technicians and a sales person, while project management and support will come from the company’s Denver office for now. Within the next several years, Asp projects the office could generate between $2 million and $3 million in business each year.

Officials from VTI Security credit Matt Schaberg, a sales manager in Colorado, with playing an instrumental role in the opening of the Colorado Springs branch.

While VTI Security has hired subcontractors to help provide coverage for clients in that market, company officials decided to offer a dedicated focus to ensure prompt service, a challenge in this high elevation area.

“In the winter months you can be cut off from travel,” said Asp. “This gives us an extension to better serve the southern part of the state.”