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Security company sells with superheroes, comic book figures


HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. - A 28-year-old security company here known for its unorthodox marketing techniques has struck a deal to bring Spiderman, Captain America, The Hulk and other superheroes to Chicago as part of a new marketing campaign.

Philips pioneer in networking technology


AMSTERDAM - Philips Semiconductor is among a host of technology heavyweights involved in the development of a new low-cost wireless networking protocol that is intended to become the industry standard for networking automation devices in the home.

Branded Zigbee, the protocol is a low data rate, low power consumption wireless technology that eventually could be used in everything from wireless home security systems, remote lighting and thermostat controls, call buttons for the elderly and disabled and wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.



SSN News Poll September 2019

With the debate on biometrics and data privacy heating up, and more and more states seeking to regulate the collection, use and retention of biometric data, this month’s News Poll focuses on the future of biometrics and its role in security.